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Patterson, the Apricot capitol of the world is a town that is home to 20,686 residents (2013). As you come into the town, it is hard to overlook the circle street that surrounds a single building. This building was erected in 1910 and was originally used as a sales office for lots, businesses and farms. Today this building is now used as the Patterson Historical Society Museum. This is also the location for the 3 day long festival that takes place in the end of May; The Apricot Fiesta. This is the towns most anticipated festival that has for long been a tradition for Patterson and its surrounding towns. The apricot fiesta has many vendors and a parade the ends with a crowning of Miss Apricot. Patterson produces about 95,000 tons of apricots a season and for that the apricot is highly prized. Throughout Patterson there are 23 well-maintained parks open to the public, a state of the art skate park that is never empty, and a thriving aquatic center. 9miles west of Patterson, is a private subdivision that is famous for its luxurious lifestyle, and magnificent golf course that is also a winery and resort, a very desirable community. In the same direction is the prominent Del Puerto Canyon. This park is great for hiking and bird watching, it has extensive trails and isolated parks. This canyon is famous to birdwatchers as there have been as many as 150 different species spotted in this area. On the opposite side of Patterson, is the San Joaquin River, where you can also visit its nearby wildlife preservation centers, and other sections of the river, fishing, and hunting are enjoyed by frequent sportsmen. Patterson is mainly an agricultural town and grows everything from apricots and almonds to walnuts, corn, tomatoes, and melons. And in late September there is a rush to the 25 acre parcel that becomes a popular corn maze with an impressive 5 miles of paths.

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